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 we are coformance

our products improve performance

Coformance builds products that help people collaborate to make better decisions.

Our first product, Onesight, helps teams learn from data. They collaborate. They improve performance.

  we help corporates

their directors, teams and partners

Enterprise project teams are spread wide. In different buildings, different organisations, using different data. It’s tough bringing them all together.

We get them onto the same page, onto the same KPIs. We help them collaborate, learn, make great decisions. We help the enterprise learn from their experience.

Latest Posts

Not a company – a movement

When we started Coformance it was clear that in order to create a different product, we would need to structure the company a little differently. Before we could decide what we were going to build, how we were going to build it, how we were going to be organised, we needed to agree what we … Read more

Hello Onesight

The first product from Coformance is Onesight. We’re pleased to say that the first, lean version is out the door and delivering insight to early adopters at one of our blue chip clients in financial services. What is Onesight? Onesight is a dashboard that allows teams to collaborate and to make decisions based on data: … Read more

Hello Coformance

Coformance Limited is born. We didn’t create it to dream up great new products. We didn’t start it to solve world hunger. We created Coformance to tackle issues that we could see around us. Mostly people struggling to find time to find the right data, choosing to completely ignore data or not knowing what to … Read more